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Henry Schreiner

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Another in our list of vintage designers!  This time it's Henry Schreiner.  Information about his early life is scarce, all I can find is that he was born in Bavaria where he trained as a blacksmith.  In 1923 he emigrated to the US where he continued working in metal at the Better Buckle Company where he designed and made buckles, buttons and fasteners.  He then began designing costume jewellery for Trigere, Norell and Christian Dior in the late '40's.  He founded his own company in 1951 and by '53 his daughter and her husband had also come onboard.  

Schreiner jewellery was never mass produced - the company only made items by hand - and it was highly fashionable and therefore very sought after. His signature look was to invert the kite-shaped stones within the open prong settings.  He also created "ruffle brooches" which featured kite-shaped crystals overlapping and radiating from a central stone.

Some of his early pieces weren't signed but later items were marked "Schreiner", "Schreiner of New York" or "Schreiner Jewelry".  The company ceased trading in 1973 and it's now considered some of the finest costume jewellery made.

Today, it's highly collectable and can still be found on eBay and at auctions.  Keep your eyes peeled at antique fairs and even carboot sales and you could grab yourself a bargain!

You can look at more of his designs on our Pinterest Board.

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