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It's Swinter!!

Posted by in on Aug 14, 2015 . 0 Comments.

Any keen fashion followers may have noticed that Grazia, the glossy UK fashion weekly magazine, has coined a new phrase - Swinter.  Any UK resident will know that this made-up season definitely exists in this country!!  Who hasn't got dressed recently when the day has been blue-skyed only for the clouds to cover it so fast that you regret your outfit choice within minutes of leaving the house..?  Or like me yesterday, watch in horror as the torrential rain floods the back garden in one downpour. Then, dress the kids up in high-tops and water-proofs only for the sun to shine, the hair to frizz and the tiny tempers to fray as soon as we reach the park..?  So, I can understand the fashion industry wanting in on any new opportunity to make us feel like we need to spend more money on clothes, (although we probably already own them anyway), all in the name of being on top of the trends!  

So, how to dress like you have Swinter covered?  Firstly, the cover-up.  Any change in temperature / precipitation will mean you will want to have layers at hand.  Although denim looks good and is on-trend, no-one wants to be stuck in damp denim. The key here is a leather jacket.

 Very little beats a broken-in biker or bomber which can be worn with literally anything but will look particularly good over a summer dress.  Next up a jumper, either a fine knit in wool or cashmere, or a Scandi-inspired chunky knit which will see you right the way through the season.  A knit can be worn on cooler days or evenings now, over a midi-skirt or with Summer's cropped flares. Dungarees (whoop!!)  Pop a fine-gauge jumper underneath and a leather jacket over the top and again you've nailed the entire season.

Jewellery is great with everything here as you can stack up your bangles or rings, wear a choker or a 70's long chain and clip something sparkly into your hair and you're good to go!

Of course as always, regardless of what we or anyone else is saying, the most important thing is to experiment a bit, feel comfortable, smile and you will always look fabulous!

Last update: Aug 14, 2015


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