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Mad Men is back, for the very last time...

Posted by in on Mar 31, 2015 . 0 Comments.

Like many people we were delighted when Mad Men came along and filled a Sex and the City shaped hole in our lives back in 2007. We were soon swooning over Don Draper and Roger Sterling for their brooding good looks but also Betty Draper and Joan Holloway for their sartorial good looks!  

When Rachel launched the brand she had these characters in mind for some of the original key pieces. She could see there was a gap for people who loved vintage jewellery but didn't have the time (or inclination) to source it for themselves.

The new series, also it's last, is to be set in the Summer of '69, when the silhouettes became looser and the colours brighter. Janie Bryant, the show's award winning costume designer (no, we can't think of a better job either!) has gone all out creating looks for the key characters as they move towards a new decade. One cannot underestimate the influence big shows have on the catwalk and therefore our wardrobes, however subtle. From Dallas (power dressing) to the aforementioned SATC (flower corsages and name-plate necklaces to name just two), consumers love to be guided along the paths of their favourite tv characters. Mad Men has been no exception to this and as the series' have progressed we've seen fashion take on '50's and '60's looks across the High Street. The new season is set to land on 5th April so we don't have long to wait and see how they handle the '70's! 


Last update: Apr 14, 2015


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