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Mad Men - The End of an Era ***Potential Spoiler Alert***

Posted by in on May 12, 2015 . 0 Comments.

So, Mad Men is soon to end.  We are gutted here at Lovett & Co Head Office. Since it launched in 2007 we've had a continuing love affair with the 50's / 60's and (almost the) '70's fashion! The drama has also had us hooked too.  Who is Don Draper? Will he ever be happy..? Will Joan smash her way through the glass ceiling - and stay there..? With the final episode hurtling towards us, we couldn't help but get swept away with some conspiracy theories of our own!

My favourite, which is a mixture of office musings, online predictions and general silliness is that Don gives his car away, the recipient then crashes the car and dies.  Don reads about this in the newspaper and it is reported that he is dead.  Knowing this, he ensures the life insurance money is paid to his children and disappears to set up a new life elsewhere (and may or may not hi-jack a plane for $300,000 in the interim!!) And whilst we're at it, is Megan actually Sharon Tate..?!!!

We will have to wait, watch and see!!


Last update: May 12, 2015


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