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Something's Got To Give...

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Whilst looking through Rachel's recent purchases of books about vintage movies and its' stars I came across details of Marilyn Monroe's final movie which was being filmed at the time of her death.  That film was, "Something's Got To Give", and was to be a remake of the hit 1940 comedy starring Irene Dunne and Cary Grant, "My Favourite Wife". The original film was nominated for 3 Academy Awards for best story, best score and best art direction.

The plot involved Monroe's character returning to her home after being declared "lost at sea". In the meantime her husband, played by Dean Martin, had re-married (Cyd Charisse) and even her own children don't recognise her.

At the time of filming Monroe hadn't been on screen for over a year; she had undergone surgery and had lost 11kg - reaching her lowest weight.

Production of the film was doomed from its first day when Monroe called in sick.  Filming continued without its star, who rarely showed up citing fever, headaches and sinusitis. During filming, Monroe was shooting a scene in a swimming pool at night which required her to wear a nude body-stocking. She chose instead to swim in just a flesh-coloured bikini bottom.  It was a closed set to the crew, but Marilyn had asked photographers to attend and she was shot both in the bikini bottom, and without it.  If the film had been completed it would have been the first Hollywood movie to feature a star in the nude.

She was eventually fired on 7th June 1962 when she called in, yet again, to say she wouldn't be on set.  Her replacement was due to be Lee Remick but Martin refused to continue without her and the film was shelved until the studio agreed to re-hire her (even agreeing to a payrise).  After her death on August 5th 1962, no more work was done on the film. In 1989 nine hours of footage was found in the Fox archives by producers at Fox News.  An hour's worth of this was put together to make the documentary, "Marilyn: Something's Got To Give", some of it was used again in 1999 for "Marilyn Monroe: The Final Days" released in 2001.  And the movie?  Well, it was re-cast with Doris Day and James Garner and re-made as "Move Over, Darling"

Below are some stills from the unfinished movie, reminding us what a true icon she was and remains...

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